Taiwan Travel 2015 [Day 3] – Taichung/Taipei High Speed Rail and Amba Hotel Ximending


We transferred from Taichung to Taipei in the morning of our third day in Taiwan. If there’s a downside to staying at Holiday Inn Taichung Park, it is that it’s far from the Taichung Station of the Taiwan High Speed Rail. We went to Taichung Station by taxi and spent approximately NT$85-100 per taxi that can ride 4 persons. As for our HSR Tickets, we just got them at the Station and did not buy them online because we did not want to set any time for our transfer to Taipei.

More Taichung Station photos below.

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Taiwan Travel 2015 [ Day2] – Flying Cow Ranch and Last Night in Taichung


The hills are alive with the sound of music
With songs they have sung for a thousand years
The hills fill my heart with the sound of music
My heart wants to sing every song it hears

I didn’t just type that here to describe my picture. My friends and I literally sang that song and shot a music video the moment we saw this place. And just like magic, all the exhaustion from our hectic itinerary since we landed were wiped away. We frolicked, danced, sang, and played like kids. At first I thought it’s just going to be my son and our family who will enjoy this place but it turned out that my friends enjoyed it too! How could I have forgotten that my friends and I have the same feather and so we flock together!? :D

My only regret is that I didn’t dedicate one whole day for Flying Cow Ranch or book a room there. The place is huge and has lots of activities that we all wanted to try but couldn’t because we just allotted an afternoon there. I should have known that an afternoon is not enough! I should have thought about the moments that we all would have wanted to spend sitting on the grass, feeding the animals, hanging out at the shop to gobble up their super delicious milk pudding, or joining the DIY activities like ice cream making, milking cows, and baking cookies.

Note to self and advice to you, my readers, if you can just dedicate one whole free and easy day at the Flying Cow Ranch, it’s going to be worth it and not to mention, good for the soul :)

Will let my pictures in Flying Cow Ranch speak for themselves moving on.

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Taiwan Travel 2015 [Day 2] – Shengxing Station and Remains of Longteng Bridge


On the same day that we went to Chungshe Tourism Flower Market, particularly after our lunch there, we went to an old train station known as the Shengxing Station. The station was built entirely of wood in Japanese style. The old train signals remain as one of the many artifacts from the Japanese period of occupation.

However, the Shengxing Station is no longer operational in that the trains no longer stop there. It now stands as a popular tourist attraction and location for wedding photos. We spent a little less than an hour there to explore the place, take some photos, buy souvenirs, and try different flavors of ice cream pops.

More pictures below.

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Taiwan Travel 2015 [Day 2] – Chungshe (Zhongshe) Tourism Flower Market


One of my favorite days in our recent trip to Taiwan was Day 2 and I’m excited to tell you more about it!

While in Taichung, we checked in at Holiday Inn Taichung Park which I got for only NT$2,200 a night and is already inclusive of buffet breakfast for two. I was not able to take pictures but let me tell ya that the buffet spread was not that extensive. It was, however, a relief that breakfast came along with my booking because it was really convenient. My favorite from among the limited choices in their breakfast buffet spread would be the fresh fruits specifically their guava, and also the cauliflower gratin.

In case you’re also checking in at Holiday Inn Taichung Park and breakfast buffet is not an option, don’t worry because there’s MOS Burger down at the building. And by the way, the same building also has outlet stores for several known brands like Aldo, New Balance, Nike, Coach, etc. I did notice some Agnes B. stuff on sale too. Nice, right?

Anyhow, so after breakfast, Uncle Jack came to pick us up and being the friendly and thoughtful person he is, he brought a present for my son. He gave him a Tomica car which my son played with while on the road to our destinations. He also gave each one of us a bottle of water and he also prepared umbrellas in case it rains during the day.

So off we went to our first stop which is literally a flower heaven! We initially thought we’ll probably just spend an hour but Uncle Jack said, “No, no, no, that’s impossible!” :) True enough, we spent about 4 hours at this place, lunch included. The place is called Chungshe Tourism Flower Market, an hour drive from Taichung City, and is definitely a place that you should never miss when you’re in Taichung.

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Photography 101: Street


Yesterday in Photography 101, we were asked to post an image of what home is to us. Today, our assignment is to focus on a street which can be from our neighborhood or in someplace new.

I took this photo in in Ximending, Taipei using a point and shoot camera, and while it looks so amateur, I love how it gives me a feel of the Ximending vibe. One of the tips given for street photography was to capture a wide view instead of a close-up view of what I’m seeing. I hope this photo photo follows that. What do you think?