How To Apply For A Taiwan Tourist Visa In The Philippines


Last April 8-12, our Lafang Club had its annual out of the country trip to Taiwan. We’re just a group of friends who initially formed this club out of our common love for food and who would have thought that we’ll expand our interests to include travels? Anyways, this is the second time we went out of the country (last year, we went to Seoul) and we thought that if our finances could sustain it, we might as well do it as an annual thing. Not a bad idea, I’d say :)

Similar to my Seoul posts, I’ll be having a Taiwan series which shall start with the process of how to obtain a tourist visa then followed by our detailed itinerary. Everything will be placed under the category “Taiwan Travel 2015” so that you guys can easily follow the series.

And so let’s talk about applying for a Taiwan visa.

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Heart and Seoul 2014 – Bukchon, Insadong, Gwanghwamun, Cheonggyecheon, Hongdae and Hello Kitty Cafe


*This is part of a series of posts under the category Heart and Seoul 2014.

We visited several areas of interest in the Gwanghwamun area on our last day in Seoul and every place was just within walking distance from each other. We started walking from 126 Mansion to Bukchon Hanok Village. We followed the “Bukchon 8 Views” map and were lucky to take photos in 6/8 of those views. Not bad, eh? :)

From Bukchon, we walked all the way to Insadong with a few stopovers like at the O’Sulloc Tea House and Ssamzie-gil. Then we walked through the end of Insadong street towards Cheonggye Plaza, the start of Cheonggyecheon stream. From there, we walked back to 126 Mansion while passing through Gwanghwamun Square.

In the afternoon, we went to Hongdae and had coffee at Hello Kitty Cafe.

Photos are down below.

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Beachin’ In Batangas and Lafang Club Adventures

Still alive and kicking here but really busy with life that I can’t find time to write as often as I would want to. But while I’m away, I still read your comments and try my best to answer email  queries about Korean visa. And I’m also trying to make a consistent integration of my online presence so if you need me for anything, you only need to know one name and that is “janiscooking.”

janiscookinglogoMy new domain is up ( and my new logo shows what the blog is all about ~ my love for cooking, culinary adventures, family travels and momhood bliss. You can still go to the old but you will get redirected to My Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are all @janiscooking. And you can reach me by email through That is the integration I am talking about :)

So, movin’ all the way back to December…

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New Korean Visa Requirements for Filipinos

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.01.56 AM


I have updated my Getting a Korean Visa blog post to include the new Korean Visa requirements for Filipinos which took effect last March 1, 2015. The requirements are not exactly new but more like a clarification and/or an expansion of existing requirements.

For those of you who are traveling to Seoul, please take note of these requirements and hop on to my blog post and comments section thereof to know more.

Heart and Seoul 2014 – The War Memorial of Korea


If you want to know something about Korean history, particularly its troubled relationships with its neighbors, you do not need to go outside of Seoul because there’s a place for you right smack in the district of Itaewon. It’s the War Memorial of Korea which is a huge military history museum with tanks, big guns, war paraphernalia, and planes on display.

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