A Good Blog Follower

Okay, so I’m browsing through my favorite food blogs and wonder if my favorite bloggers ever wonder how much they impact the lives of their simple followers. If someone’s following my blog at all, I’d personally love to know what made them follow my blog and how it has been of help to them. Even if it’s just a post on whines about life, if it has helped a follower in any way, I’d be very happy to know 😛

Having said so, and even without asking me, I think I owe it to the blogs I follow to somehow tell them why I follow them and what, of all the things they’ve said and posted, is my favorite. This is NOT a promise because if you’ve read the 7 Things About Thella (uhuh… that part about loving to start something she can’t finish.. bingo!), I may not really be able to cover everyone. BUT, I will try my best to do this at least once a week and hopefully, my lazy ass won’t complain in the process 🙂

Another reason why I WANT to do this is because I want to share with my friends and readers the blogs I follow so that they, too, can discover them and be inspired to cook for their own families and friends. In fact, just yesterday, a friend asked me where I get my recipes from and I told her that I get them from food blogs. See, I already passed it to a friend and if you think of how many friends my friend is gonna pass that to, in all probabilities, that would inspire at least one person to start cooking!

So for now, thank you dear favorite food bloggers 🙂 You are all such an inspiration to me! This being-a-good-follower drama I’m starting is all about YOU 🙂


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