Name Behind The Toon

I realized that I have been using the name “Thella” more than my real name online (save for emails and Facebook).

FYI, Thella is the name of my very first World of Warcraft character. Nope, I didn’t coin it. It was more like a hit-RANDOM-kind-of-thing. She’s a warrior in Aman’Thul server and she used to be the guild leader of EDSA Guild. That was when I was a hardcore raider. Now, I have retired her but still use the name as a “screen name.”

As I’m getting serious about food blogging, I wanted to come out and more or less let my readers know who I really am.

Hi, I’m Jan, the real person behind Thella. I’m the one who posts the blog entries here.

So Jan, Thella, whatever, it’s one and the same person.

If I shift to Jan moving forward, don’t think that somebody has hacked Thella’s account or something šŸ™‚


What’s sexier by the way, Jan or Thella? šŸ˜›


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