Bubble Tea Manila

This is now officially one of my favorite “happy” places in Metro Manila. I think everything in this place will just make anyone feel happy… from the interiors, to the murals, to the Honeybee pastry display, to their food. I’m talking about Bubble Tea Manila in Wilson St., Greenhills.

The place is well-lighted and looks really neat. We were seated in one of their couches and had a good view of the ceiling and those cute round hanging lights.

Bubble Tea doesn’t just offer great milk and other flavored teas. Their menu is quite extensive actually.


I’m a fan of hot milk tea and if you remember, I posted about the black tea and evaporated milk from Green Islands Restaurant in HongKong some time ago. Notwithstanding my poor review of that place, I felt that the experience was still worth it because their milk tea (dai pai dong) was good.

When I saw Bubble Tea’s menu, I just knew that I need to order their hot Royal Milk Tea (P80 for the small one). And I was right. It wasn’t that sweet and the right tea flavor was there. Not too powerful, it was just the right mix of tea and milk.

I tried one of their rice meals and I was playing safe that time so I got their Chicken Teriyaki (P195 for the set). It came with a generous portion of chicken teriyaki, stir-fried vegetables, and potato salad.

I’m not a fan of their potato salad but I find their garnish cute 🙂 Please tell me what that green flower-looking veggie garnish is called.

Hubby got the cold Jasmin milk tea (P115 for medium, P125 for large) and it’s sweeter than the Royal milk tea but really refreshing. The tapioca pearls are soft and they complemented the milk tea very well.

He also got the Sashimi Mix (P350) and he loved not just how it’s presented but the freshness of the dish and its components. He said it’s one of the best sashimi combo he’s ever had!

Overall, we loved our experience at Bubble Tea Manila and would definitely go back again. I heard they have branches in SM Megamall and SM North Edsa but they also said that the biggest one they have is the one we went to in Wilson St., Greenhills.

Next time you’re feeling gloomy, or even if not and you just really want to try a new restaurant, I suggest you drop by at any Bubble Tea branch and find new things to smile about 🙂

Happy eating! 😛


2 thoughts on “Bubble Tea Manila

  1. Rapunzel says:

    yes, i agree. bubble tea is a cute place. i enjoyed going to the SM North (the Block) branch a couple years back. 🙂 but back then they didnt have potato salad! i guess it’s time to check it out again! thanks for posting 🙂

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