Acupuncture – Second Session

My second acupuncture treatment was last July 5 at 3:15pm. I actually got there on time and didn’t have to wait for my turn as there was already a vacant cubicle. As with the first session, Sr. Regina Liu asked me to stick my tongue out. She asked if I already had my period and I said no. She asked how my sleep was after the acupuncture and I confirmed that I’ve been able to sleep well.

Thing is, I’m not a sound sleeper and I blame it on pillows. We already got Tempur, memory pillows, feather pillows, name it. The last one I got was a spa pillow from Akemi. Still, it didn’t help. While I haven’t seen a lot of changes after my first acupuncture, what I definitely can say for now is that it helped me sleep a lot better. I just wish I can complete my sleep and by “complete” I really mean to wake up only until my body tells me I’m ready to wake up. At the moment, I get up at 5AM with the sound of my alarm and I feel that I still haven’t “completed” my sleep. Now, I blame work šŸ˜›

Anyhow, Sr. Regina Liu asked me if I’m able to drink all the sachets of herbal tea she prescribed and I told her that I didn’t complete all 14 of them and as of my second treatment, there’s still about 4 of them. She said I HAVE TO drink the herbal tea. She also said that she’ll make changes in the herb composition but I HAVE TO drink tea regularly until I get my period.

I asked her if the herbal tea will help me get my period. She said no but that the tea should show me the positive effects once I get my period. So… I guess I’m stuck with the herbal tea for now… Oh period, please come soon!

The good news is that the second mix of herbal tea is more bearable šŸ™‚ I can drink a cup without so many issues. I still don’t like the taste because this one has a bitter aftertaste but it’s definitely better than the first mix.

Hubby joined me in my first two sessions but Sr. Regina Liu advised him that he’s no longer required to do it weekly. Hurray! However, he needs to come back at least once a month for the treatment of his headaches.

That’s it for my second session. I’m looking forward to my next šŸ™‚

*Consultation – P800. Herbal tea – P1,150.



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