Accidental “Me” Time


So I went to the office today, stopped by Starbucks, and was refused entry because of the ongoing evacuation drill in the area. There’s a Starbucks at our office building and I grab my daily cup there before heading to work. I was shocked that I didn’t get any notice of the drill such that I wasn’t able to prepare for nor avoid it.

I demanded that I be allowed to go to our office instead but the guards won’t let me. They escorted me away from our office building and towards Makati Shang.

Okay, before I had Juancho, my rage meter would have skyrocketed already. But I was relatively cool about it this time (deserves a heavy pat on my back).


Instead of whining, I decided to just have an early and quiet “me” time on a regular workday. As I am writig this post, I am enjoying my breakfast here in Makati Shang.

Got an Americano and French croissants, served hotel-style 🙂 So sosy! 🙂

Guess I’ll be hanging out here until the drill is done. I hope that this is the start of a great day ahead.

Annyeonghaseyo! 🙂


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