New Korean Visa Requirements for Filipinos

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.01.56 AM


I have updated my Getting a Korean Visa blog post to include the new Korean Visa requirements for Filipinos which took effect last March 1, 2015. The requirements are not exactly new but more like a clarification and/or an expansion of existing requirements.

For those of you who are traveling to Seoul, please take note of these requirements and hop on to my blog post and comments section thereof to know more.


2 thoughts on “New Korean Visa Requirements for Filipinos

  1. Des says:

    What if i have a special power of attorney for our business and 2 joint accounts with my mother and a solo account, is it valid, cause my parents went to the u.s. Last yr. for a year & had to quit my job for our business, they are planning to go back this May and i wanted to travel to south korea on october, how do you think do i go about it?

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