How To Apply For A Taiwan Tourist Visa In The Philippines


Last April 8-12, our Lafang Club had its annual out of the country trip to Taiwan. We’re just a group of friends who initially formed this club out of our common love for food and who would have thought that we’ll expand our interests to include travels? Anyways, this is the second time we went out of the country (last year, we went to Seoul) and we thought that if our finances could sustain it, we might as well do it as an annual thing. Not a bad idea, I’d say 🙂

Similar to my Seoul posts, I’ll be having a Taiwan series which shall start with the process of how to obtain a tourist visa then followed by our detailed itinerary. Everything will be placed under the category “Taiwan Travel 2015” so that you guys can easily follow the series.

And so let’s talk about applying for a Taiwan visa.


But first things first, I just want to tell you that I cringe, albeit slightly, when I hear/read that tourist visa applications are filed with the Taiwanese Embassy in the Philippines. The thing is, legally, there’s no Taiwan Embassy here.

The Philippines adheres to the One-China policy as the principle that governs our diplomatic relations with China. This policy recognizes China as the only one state or entity that comprises the People’s Republic of China (PROC) or what we call Mainland China, and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

As such, the Philippines does not recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state and that there can be no diplomatic relations with Taiwan. And this is the reason why there is NO Taiwan Embassy in the Philippines. But in lieu thereof, we have Taiwan’s “representative office” in Manila which is called the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) which functions some of the many functions of a usual embassy. This is the body that issues visas for travel to Taiwan.

We often loosely say that we are applying for issuance of a visa with the Taiwan Embassy because that office essentially processes visa applications but legally and more accurately speaking, we are really dealing with TECO not Taiwan Embassy. Having said that, let’s proceed!

Filipinos may enter Taiwan as a Tourist either with a Visa or a Travel Authorization Certificate.

Visa-Free Entry for US Visa Holders (Travel Authorization Certificate)

According to the TECO Website, effective August 08, 2013, Philippine passport holders are exempted from visa and are allowed to stay in the Republic of China (Taiwan) for thirty (30) days provided that they have never worked in Taiwan as blue-collar workers and are currently holding valid visas or permanent resident cards of U.S.A., Canada, Japan, U.K., EU Schengen, Australia and New Zealand.

Qualified applicants should register online and upon obtaining approval, must print out the Travel Authorization Certificate and present it to the airline staff at the check-in counter. The link to the online application is this:

taiwan online visa

When you follow the link, you’ll be transported to a page that looks like the photo above. All you need to do is choose the language you’re comfortable with and click Next until you reach the page where you need to input your details.

taiwan visa free online app

Make sure that you have your valid visas to US, Canada, Japan, UK, EU Schengen, Australia and New Zealand ready because you will need to input your details online. As a reminder, you will be asked to input your Given Name (whether for the online visa application form or for the visa-free entry form) and that means including your Middle Name. For purposes of illustration, if your name for example is Jose Ramos Cruz, your Given Name shall be Jose Ramos.

taiwan travel authorization certificate

When done, just print the approved Travel Authorization Certificate which is good for multiple entry and valid for 30 days. In case the certificate will expire before your intended travel date, just get a new one. I remember that on the date of our departure, I forgot to print our travel certificates and went to the PAL business office for assistance. There was a guy there who was just getting his travel certificate for the first time. That means, you can even get it on the day that you’re about to fly!

Visa Application for non-US Visa Holders

Everyone in my family has valid a US visa (me, my  husband and 2yr old son) but our nanny doesn’t have one. That means while I only need travel authorization certificates for the three of us, I also had to apply for a visa for our nanny. But before doing so, I made sure that we already have travel authorization certificates because they will form part of the requirements that I should submit for her.

For purposes of this post, I will let you know first of the default requirements before discussing what I actually submitted for the nanny.

taiwan visa qa

In case you don’t have valid visas to the named countries above, you need to apply for a Taiwan visa with TECO. Head over to this link to get the online application started:

The first requirement is to read the Q&A which basically answers everything you need to know when filling out the online application form. When done, you can begin the online application process by clicking “General Visa Applications.”

taiwan visa form

After filling out the details, print the Application Form and complete the requirements below:

  1. An online Visa Application Form;
  2. Two (2) passport size photos 1.5”x2” with white background (taken w/in the last three (3) months);
  3. Passport valid for at least six months and old passport showing previous travels;
  4. Birth Certificate issued by NSO;
  5. Marriage Contract (if applicable) issued by NSO;
  6. Certificate of Employment; and
  7. Financial statements of the applicant (Bank Book or Bank Statements).

Visa fee is P2,100 for single entry and P4,200 for multiple entry. The usual processing time is 3 working days. You can file your application with TECO from Monday to Friday, 8:45AM to 11:45AM. Release of visas are in the afternoon, also from Monday to Friday, 1:45PM to 4:45 PM. TECO is at the 41F Tower 1 RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave., Makati City.

Now here are the documents that I submitted for our nanny:

  1. My nanny’s online Visa Application Form;
  2. Two (2) passport size photos 1.5”x2” with white background (taken w/in the last three (3) months);
  3. Passport valid for at least six months and old passport showing previous travels;
  4. Birth Certificate issued by NSO;
  5. Marriage Contract (if applicable) issued by NSO;
  6. Certificate of Employment that my husband executed;
  7. Our own Financial statements (Bank Book or Bank Statements) not the nanny’s;
  8. Affidavit of Support that my husband also executed;
  9. Photocopies of the first page of our passports;
  10. Photocopies of our valid US visas; and
  11. Copies of our Travel Authorization Certificates.

Visa Application Through A Travel Agency

If you’re too busy like me, you can have your visa application be coursed through a travel agency. The requirements are similar but that they will charge you an extra amount as processing fee. I got Bridges Travel & Tours to process our nanny’s application and I only paid P3,100 inclusive of the visa fee and processing fee. Not bad 🙂

And that’s it! My next post is our itinerary so stay tuned! 🙂


179 thoughts on “How To Apply For A Taiwan Tourist Visa In The Philippines

  1. Navi says:

    Hi! I just want to ask, would it be a problem if I forgot to include my Middle Name (Mother’s Maiden Surname) in the evisa application?

  2. Marching in June says:

    Hello Jan! My wife is in Taiwan on a 90-day (non-extendable) travel visa. She arrived August 6. Her return ticket is on Nov 4. That is exactly 90 days right?
    After all, the visa states “duration of stay starts from the next day of arrival”?
    I just want to be clear on this. I don’t want here overstaying, but the immigration officer in

  3. N says:


    I need to submit visa requirements for Taiwan since visa-free in the Philippines is not yet approved. One of the requirements is bank statement or bank certificate. What if I don’t have any of those or even my family? Are there any options for this?

    Thank you very much!

  4. Rose says:

    Hi I’m rose
    I just wanna ask if okay lng po ba mag-apply ng Taiwan visa kahit hindi pa ako nagkakapagpabook for my fare to Taiwan.

  5. patrishdg says:

    Hi, when you used your US visa in applying for the visa-free certificate, which visa number did you input? The one on the upper right corner (control number) or the red 8 digit number on the bottom right? Thanks so much!

      • Marching in June says:

        Hello Jan!

        I have a valid (unused) US tourist visa, and planning to visit Taiwan for a week or so. Can I apply for travel visa (and not the authorization certificate)? I am thinking of applying for a white collar job once there, though.

      • Jan says:

        Hi Marching in June. You might just be referred back to getting the travel certificate because you have a valid visa. I have not personally experienced this but it’s based from an acquaintance’s story. A tourist visa though does not allow you to work legally there so you will need to get a proper working visa/permit before you work.

      • Li says:

        Hi, just want to clarify.. i read on some blogs the one to use in Taiwan online TAC is the black number with PH in korean visa..
        but according to you it is the red text number? Which one really is correct?
        Please enlighten me.. thank you!

  6. Patricia says:

    Hi, when entering your US visa did you use the one on the upper right corner of your visa or the red 8 digit numbers on the lower right? Thank you!

  7. Bev says:

    Hi, can i possibly use a transit visa to enter Taiwan? I am an OFW in West Africa and my contract permit me to go on vacation every 3 months. Coming June, my plan is to use Taiwan route so I can visit my sister who is working there. Just need at least 3 days stay in Taiwan before heading home.
    I have no visa of those country to enable me to apply online. My passport though shows few Asian country visited including Dubai which I also transited three times already.
    Hope to hear from you. Many thanks in advance

  8. David says:

    Hi Jan! Thanks for being so informative. Can i just have an ITR and no bank statement/certificate? Will it be a big issue?

  9. maryann says:

    my frnd and i po balak po sna magwork s taiwan kaso ung brother nya nsa taiwan wla pong working visa, is it possible kya n pwd ung frnd k magwork dn po, pero kukuha nman sya ng working visa s agncy.hnd po kya mareflect un s taiwan immigration.mahohold po b s taiwan immigration po?ngtour dn po kc cla as family s taiwan and thn bumalik ung brother nya nkhnp ng work doon po. tnx po sa pagsagot..godbless

  10. Juna says:

    Hello po good pm. I need your assistance about my question here. Yung friend ko po kasi nag work siya sa taiwan pero hindi natapos yong kontrata due to some reasons and now gusto nya mag vacation sa taiwan and if there will be some chances na makapag work ulit willing siya. Possible po ba yun na pwede siya bumisita o mag work ulet? Please help.

  11. Mikko says:


    I’m kinda praning. Actually super praning. I always tend to overthink. Here’s my concern.

    I have a Visa for Japan which says valid from Nov 14 2016 to Feb 14 2017. Now my flight from Taiwan to Manila leaves Feb 14. Question, yung until Feb 14 2017 kong Japan visa is ok pa no?

    Im worried baka sabihin nila na the ticket going back to Manila should be Feb 13 the latest since Nov 14 to feb 14 lang ang Japan visa ko.

    But i already have a travel permit na to Taiwan. I got it last week.

    Praning lang.

    Thank u.

    • Shiela says:

      hi po, i also have a concern po ..may pagkasimilar po sa inyo.. i also have a japanese visa…just wanna ask if okay lang na from japan to tapei tapos tapei to cebu tapos balik na namn ng japan??yung sa n.u po na okay po ba yung??

  12. Lee says:

    Hi, wala po group application? Kase we’re going as a family, pero my mom doesn’t have any bank account. She’s a housewife. So my brother and I will submit an affidavit of support/proof of income (from your comment :)), yun na lang din submit namin para sa brothers/sisters namin na nagaaral pa? 5 original copies? Thanks in advance!

    • Jan says:

      Hi Linda. It’s been a while since October and by now you might have been gainfully employed. Otherwise, it will be hard to prove financial capability to pay for your expenses. If ever you are still unemployed or not doing business, just ask someone from your family who can act as a sponsor. In such case, he/she will need to execute and affidavit of support and undertaking and you will need to submit his/her proof of income.

  13. Francis Ganancial says:

    Good day po. Magtatanong lang po sana ako ng karagdagang information. sa Visa application po kasi yung sa Contact po doon sa Taiwan. kailangan po bang specific na tao o entity yung ilagay? kasi po pupunta ako doon na walang kakilala,. posible po ba yun? salamat po or any recommendation po. thank you God bless!

  14. Jem says:

    Ms. JAN.. I am planning to apply a visa to Taiwan next year by month of April because I am going to have my vacation in the Philippines. I am working here in Riyadh, KSA. And in the application form, there is a question about the Current address and telephone number. What am I going to put it there? My address here in Riyadh or in the Philippines since I am on vacation that time? Thank you. Hoping for your reply soon.

  15. Jov says:

    Hello po.. dati po ako factory worker sa taiwan 1994 pa.. is it ok if i will apply for a tourist visa this time? I want to see the beauty of the country now as a tourist.. do you think there will be any problem applying for a tourist visa since before i was a factory worker? i think there is a question in the application form if i have been issued an roc visa before? Should i answer it that i have been issued a working visa before as a factory worker in the year 1994? Thanks.. really need some help..

  16. JM says:

    i went to Taiwan last october 22-16, 2016.. and i want to go back this december 2016.
    i have a korean visa which was valid until dec 2015 only. and i saw on the news the new rule that you can get a TAC if you were given a korean visa in the past (less than)10 years before u apply for TAC. so my question is… can i get my TAC with my expired korean visa? when should i apply for the TAC? and do u know what part of the korean visa is the number that i should put on the online form.. coz theres two numbers on my korean visa (red and black)and i dont know what to put on the online form 😦 lol sorry for so many questions! thanks!

    • Mikko says:


      Did they accept ba the Korean visa that expired 2015? Kasi I have a travel permit na to Taiwan. I used my Japan visa. pero it is valid only until Feb 14, which ia the same date na babalik ako ng Pinas. Pwede pa yun no? sorry praning lang.

  17. hubert17 says:

    Hi! I would like to share my own very recent information about Taiwan Visa application for Filipinos.
    – Visa Application Form. Address and Phone number in Taiwan CANNOT be blank. You can use the contact information of your booked hotel.
    – Two (2) 1.5″ x 2″ less 3 months old passport photos, white background, with signature at the back. Extra copy in a plastic attach to the visa application form.
    – NSO-provided birth certificate
    – NSO-provided marriage certificate (if applicable)
    – Income Tax Return
    – Recent bank certificate AND bank statement
    – Certificate of Employment
    – Certificate of Earnings (for Upwork/oDesk freelancer)
    – Photocopy of Company ID
    – Round-trip tickets
    – Trip Itinerary
    – Confirmed hotel booking at least 1 night (printed email, doesn’t have to be paid.)

    I am looking for a buddy, joiner or company for my hike in Snow Mountain sometime in January 25-20, 2017. Please email me

  18. jeny says:

    hi po pano po mag aaply ng visa sa taiwan balak ko po ksi mag tour ng 3 days jan 28 to jan 30 factory worker po ksi boyfriend ko dun .. ano po mga kailangan na req thamnkyou po sa reply

  19. zaneacom says:

    Good day Jan.
    ask ko lang what if i don’t have itr and bank statement but i can provide certificate of employment pero since na minumum lang sahod ko ngayon pero my sister is the one will provide for our travel expenses and lahat sila may japan visa last month at kakagaling lang ng japan kaya may visa free entry na sila. what if ipasa kong supporting documents ay yung mga taiwan visa free entry nila, bank account ng sister ko and a letter of sponsorship

  20. riza calabia says:

    could u pls help me i applied for a taiwan visa on line but i think my data are confusing, i applied for a tourist visa but the purpose of my travel is bout business since my boss wil be sending me to taiwan to check on the owrld trade center there, will there be any problem with this, also its my first time to apply but i requested for a multiple visa, can i change that during the personal appearance

  21. Aimee says:

    Hi. We’re about to visit Taiwan this december for a conference, we’re just students. My query here is, how are we going to be able to apply for a visa if we don’t have bank statements? Is it fine to use our parents’ bank statements? I have read a couple of blogs that the bank statement should be under my name. Help?

    • Jan says:

      You can apply as students without financial documents. Present proof that you are students (certification from the school and student ID). Then your parents will need to sign an affidavit of support and undertaking in your favor (that they will sponsor your trip, that they will shoulder all your expenses, that you wont be a burden to Taiwan government and that you will return to the Philippines, etc.). And to show proof that your parents can support you financially, you need to show their bank statements, ITRs, certificate of employment or business registrations.

      • Aimee says:

        Thank you so much for replying! My aunt will be the one supporting me financially, but she lives abroad. Is it okay if i’d be showing her bank statements instead of my parents’? And she’ll be the one who’ll sign an affidavit of support? (I’ll just let her scan these documents if ever possible). Thank you 🙂

      • Aimee says:

        Hi Jan, the affidavit of support I used is an affidavit from the Philippines, what is written there is the sponsor set her signature at the Consulate General of the Philippines, but she currently lives abroad.

  22. helena says:

    Hi, i found your blog very informative. Would it be possible if you could give me a ballpark of the expense for hiring a driver from taoyuan to taichung. Thanks!

    • Jan says:

      Hi Helena, for three days including pick up from airport, around TW$19,000 to 21,000. Not sure what is the breakdown per day because it’s a negotiated lump sum for 3days of out of town (outside Taichung/Taipei) trips. The van can fit 7-8 persons.

  23. Angel says:

    Hi Jan, I’m a bit worried with my bank certificate because I’m not sure whether TECO is strict when it comes to financial documents. Anyway, do you have an idea if there’s a considerable amount for a show money? You think 30k up will suffice? Also, do you think that COE stating my gross monthly salary and monthly (bank) statement of account will help to prove that I have a strong financial background?

    Btw, my trip to Taiwan is just for 3 days but still I’m worried since I don’t have savings account and just checking/current which happens to be my payroll account as well.

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    • Jan says:

      Hi Angel, I am not really sure about the amount because it depends on the assessment of the officers and they assess differently. What I think is important for them is that all the documents match, i.e., what is in your COE matches what you declare in your ITR, and it also justifies what you have in your bank. Hope this helps.


  24. mattman012 says:

    Good day!

    I was granted a travel authorization certificate because of having a valid single entry Japan visa stating it is “valid for multiple entry before January 2017” which I will be using before my Japan trip. If I come back on November this year to Taiwan, do I still have to apply for a new Taiwan visa since my Japan visa will be expired already by that time? Or the old Taiwan visa will still be valid on my 2nd trip despite the expiration of the Japan visa? Thanks in advance!

    • Jan says:

      Please clarify:
      1. What is your Japan visa? single entry or multiple entries? I’m just confused because you said: having a valid single entry Japan visa stating it is “valid for multiple entry before January 2017.”
      2. Have you used your Japan visa, i.e., did you travel to Japan? I’m asking because if it’s a single entry visa, then it means it will be expired when you go to Taiwan in November. If it’s multiple-entry, it means that it has not yet expired when you go to Taiwan in November. You just need to get a new TAC if the old one has not expired yet. The TAC is good for multiple entry but within 30 days only.


  25. Matt says:

    Good day!

    I was granted a travel authorization certificate because of having a valid single entry Japan visa stating it is “valid for multiple entry before January 2017” which I will be using before my Japan trip. If I come back on November this year to Taiwan, do I still have to apply for a new Taiwan visa since my Japan visa will be expired already by that time? Or the old Taiwan visa will still be valid on my 2nd trip despite the expiration of the Japan visa? Thanks in advance!

  26. Fe Raymundo says:

    goood day Miss Jan,

    may i know if i can get a visa to taiwan together with my kids who is aged 15 & 14 yrs old.
    because my husband is a seaman, he cannot provide us his affidavit of support but i have my own bank account that will sustain our travel in taiwan and all the requirements that they asked.
    hope to receive a reply from you soon.


    • Jan says:

      Hi Fe, there’s no need for the affidavit of support from your husband if you’ll be the one to sponsor their travel. You will be the one to execute the affidavit of support in favor of your kids.


    • Jan says:

      Restrictions? I am not sure what you mean by restrictions but if you’re asking if there is a minimum amount of deposit, the answer is no and no one is sure as to that amount because visa officers assess financial ability/ties to the Philippines on a case to case basis. Hope this helps.

  27. Sarah says:

    Hi po..married woman po ako,but on process annulment na..i have a bf in taiwan,taiwanese..we have a kids..naka apelyido n rin po s taiwanese ang surname ng baby namin…gusto lang namin makavisit s kanila,together with the kids while waiting p ng result ng annulment ko,makakakuha po ba kami ng visa kung iba ang apelyido ng baby ko,yung s passport ko po married p po ako s dati,so magkaiba po kami apelyido ng mga baby ko.pls help me po…wait ko po reply nyo…tnx po

    • Jan says:

      Hi Sarah, your question extends beyond just what you need to get a tourist visa. I won’t be able to provide any guidance because it might amount to giving specific legal advice and I don’t want to do that because I am avoiding any lawyer-client relationship. Hope you understand.


  28. ed says:

    hi jan! thank you for having a blog like this. i would just like to ask about the steps that i would do. i just passed the board exam. i don’t have any work yet. my aunt and my uncle are both taiwan citizens and they want to invite me for vacation as a gift. do you have any idea on how i will be applying for taiwan visa since i dont have all the listed requirements since i am unemployed as of the moment? is there such kind of sponsorship or guarantee letter or something like that that my aunt and uncle could provide? thank u in advance. God bless

    • Jan says:

      Hi Ed. You can just ask your aunt/uncle to write a sponsor letter with an undertaking that they will support your travel and all related expenses while in Taiwan. Then use that to support your application. Good luck!


  29. Mhy says:

    Hi!.. My friend don’t have work and business. But he only have bank certificate.. He’s afraid of being denied. Are there any ways or any addtional reqs. that will help for his application?.. Will gladly appreciate for your response! Thanks in advance!

    • Jan says:

      Hi Mhy. If your friend does not have work or business, how is it that he has a bank account? Simply put, what is the source of his funds in the bank account if he does not have work or business? If he can’t tie this altogether, it will be best if someone will just sponsor his travel/trip. That person will need to execute an affidavit of support in favor of your friend.


  30. Zuriel Estrella says:

    Hi it only takes 3 days to get the Visa right? Also what if you have an expired Visa to Japan do you still need to apply for a Taiwan Visa?

  31. Jay says:

    would like to have an inquiry regarding on-line application as we tried to apply General Visa/Tourist on portion of Arival date at Taiwan: ex. Sept 19, 2016, as we process and finish the on-line application there was a message telling GENERAL VISA ” please submit a printed application form to an ROC overseas mission by Saturday, September 24, 2016. If you fail to do so, your online application will be automatically deleted”. Can somebody tell me what is the meaning of September 24, 2016 as we put the date of Arrival date to was September 19, 2016.. Thank you so much

  32. juliet says: juliet..i just wanna ask if i can get another tourist last visa just expired last august 18, they allow me though my visa was just expired a few days ago..i plan to apply by the end of this month. Thank you so much.

  33. jhona says:

    Hi, plan ko po mag vacation sa mr. ko nasa taiwan dati po kasi ako OFW sa taiwan umuwi po ako last march 2014. and base na po ako dito s pinas dail dito na po ako nag wowork gusto ko po sana mag vacation sa taiwan. bawal po ba mag vacation kung nag work kana sa taiwan

  34. Jovely Satorre says:

    Hello po, I am Jov from Cebu, is it possible for our application documents to be passed on to the embassy by my Sister In Law? Will they allow it po?

  35. chefxie says:

    HI good evening me n my bf r planning to travel in taiwan last week of d month.but i just renew my paspport today and dfa told me that if i go to embassy ill just show my receipt that it will be release on aug. it possible for me to apply for a visa in advance while waiting for the releasing of my passport. im plan to apply on wed n my passport will be rlease on friday, and i dont have a job im student. but i have more dan 200k in my bank acct. is it possible dat i can get visa?my bf is korean n he will shoulder d expenses ,,do i still need to show hes bank statement n so on.. or just i show mine.and how long does it take for processing of visa.. thank u so much n godbless

  36. ALvin says:

    HI po sa Aug. 15 po ako magproprocess ng visa taz sept 16 to ang flight ko kasi ng pabook na me ng ticket at hotel na tutuluyan ko from sept. 16 to sept. 20 ilang months po ng validity ng visa? thanks po sana po may reply po agad thank u po and God Bless 🙂

  37. Kristine says:

    hi, were traveling on January 2017 and i planned to get the tourist visa by early November 2016, would it be possible or do i have to wait for sometime more?


  38. Franz says:

    Hi po. Im Franz from Mindanao. Can i ask if do I need to appear personally sa Embassy or pwede na pong dadaan na lang sa agency and they’ll just process it, like po sa Japan visa application? I am wondering po kasi if baka pwede po. My travel dates will be on march 2017 but I guess I need to process my visa prior to my travel period. Thank you for the help. God bless!

      • Franz says:

        wow. thank you so much. Can i ask also if you knw someone whom I can talk to about this matter? It’s quite hard kasi nandito po ako sa Mindanao and i need to travel pa to Manila just to process it. God bless po

  39. Fe says:

    Hi Jan! i am a housewife in the Philippines, i will travel to Taiwan with my daughter this coming October 22-26, 2016. is it ok if i just present my marriage cert., my own bank statement & bank cert., and because my daughter works in NGOs company, she does’nt have an income tax return, she can only provide a COE, birth cert., bank statement & bank cert. is this enough for our application to be accepted and process? besides i have already a plane tickets and hotels.
    when is the best time to apply for October 22-26, 2016 travel?

  40. Fe says:

    Hi Miss Jan,

    i am a housewife and planning to get a visa with my daughter, my husband will sponsor our travel, do i have to submit affidavit of support from my husband even though i have a marriage certificate, bank statement, bank certificate, employer certificate of my husband, birth certificate of my daughter?

    • Jan says:

      Hi Fe. In my opinion, I believe you will need that too. Without that, the documents you will submit show nothing but the financial ability of your husband. It is the affidavit of support that will tie it all together because that will show that you are establishing your husband’s financial ability since he will spend for your travel. Hope this helps.

  41. Mhay says:

    hi maam, ask ko lng po if mag process po ba ako ng visa sa TECO ng Wednesday morning, it is possible po ba to claim ng Friday or Monday? it says kasi three working days. thank you

  42. JM says:

    Hello ms jan.. I am a filipino worker in hongkong. My boss wants me to bring in taiwan for a 1 week visit using a tourist visa. I am worried if i can get a tourist since i was an overstayed worker before in taiwan and deported last 2014…. Is there any possibilities that if i will apply a tourist visa they will grant it to me? I have entered the mainland china many times and have a good record since my work in Hong kong. Thank you.

  43. Joyce Jimi Bayrante says:

    Hi there, I got my TW multiple visa in just a click of seconds. I did not expect a multiple entry. I used my 10-year US b1/b2 visa.

    Thank you for this great blog! You are very helpful.

  44. Madelyn says:

    I need my mom to help me take care of my children here in Taiwan,she already visited Taiwan 4 times,but the longest time she has stayed here is only 6months,is there any other way or what kind of visa can she get?,because I need her here to stay longer,I dont have Taiwan id yet.. need your reply asap,thanks!

  45. Divina says:

    Hi, my Father holds a valid US visa and he wanted to visit my Sister with cancer in Taiwan. She is going through chemo. My Father cannot travel by himself and asking my other sister accompany her, now, the question is… how can we obtain a Taiwan Visa for my Sister?

    • Jan says:

      If your sister has a US visa s well, you can get a travel certificate for her. If not, she will need to apply for a visa at the TECO.

  46. Ath says:

    Hi, I’m planning to visit my dad in Taiwan. Im 18 right now but I am not working so do I still need to provide financial information?

    • Jan says:

      You may indicate that you are not gainfully employed, that your dad is sponsoring or supporting your travel. In that case, you will need to present your dad’s proof of income: cert of employment, tax returns, and bank statements.

  47. Cynthia says:

    Hi Jan, could you help me decipher which is the visa number in Japan visa? Is itthe one on the the top right or is it the issue number? Thanks a lot.

  48. linhnhatvuong says:

    Hi! I have a quick question about the printable travel certificate: does that certificate appear immediately after you filled in the form? or there is a waiting period? So I filled in the form and pressed Next but no certificate popped up after that…

  49. Jenny Guzman says:

    Hi ma’am, magtatanong lang po sana ako. Plan ko po kasi pumunta ng taiwan next year 2017 chinese new year for 7 days. Nagwowork po ang asawa ko doon 5 yrs n po, currently hindi po ako nagwowork kaya ko namn po iprovide yung mga requirements except sa coe is there any chance po na makakuha ako ng visa kahit hndi na po ako nagwowork? Salamat po!

  50. JA says:

    Hi, I am currently applying for a travel authorization certificate online, however I’m not sure where my visa number is located on my US visa. Is it the one located on the upper right labeled as “control number” or is it the one located on the lower right, without any label, and with the eight alphanumeric characters? Thanks!

  51. gel says:

    good day Jan, what about my situation im xtaiwan factory worker then i have a taiwanese bf then he want me to go back taiwan as a tourist, what should i do? please help me. thank you

  52. Patrick says:

    Hello Jan,

    Me and my partner are planning to go to Taiwan for a birthday vacation trip for 4 days. But we are kinda uncertain about the show money we have to present in our Bank statement. Do you know the considerable amount for a show money? Also, Is it enough if we present our ITR together with COE stating our annual gross salary? And not a bank statement anymore? Thanks in advance!

    • Jan says:

      Hi Patrick. I don’t think they’re very strict on the amount of show money. They just need to determine if you have strong financial/economic ties to the Philippines, i.e., you have work/source of income here, it’s supported by documents like COE, ITR, bank certificates. They’ll need those documents. Hope this helps.

  53. Donna says:

    Hi Ms. Jan,

    I would like to ask if there will be no problem entering Taiwan from Singapore using my Visa issued in Manila. My itinerary is arriving Singapore by 1am then travel to Taiwan at 7am the same day. I booked my flight going to SG and my boyfriend booked my ticket from SG-Taiwan-SG. I have no choice need to go to SG instead of go directly to Taiwan for only 2 hours travel.

    Hope to hear from you. Thank you! 🙂

  54. Tree says:

    I need help in filling up the Online Travel Authorization Certificate. I am currently holding Japan Visa. There is this ‘Number’ section, and I have no idea which number should I put because there is ‘Issue No’, number on top right corner and number at the below of the visa. For your Online Travel Authorization Certificate, what number do you put under ‘Authorized Grounds’

  55. Filipina Mendoza says:

    good day,
    supposedly i applied today thru online ( i have a valid US visa) will i get the authorization today also? or will i wait for a couple of days will they email the authorization

    • Jan says:

      You will get the certificate after application. You just need to print it out. It has a validity period of 30 days though which is why some get it one week/one day before they fly or even on the day of their departure.

    • Jan says:

      I had my visa application coursed through Bridges Travel. I believe though you don’t need an appointment like when getting a US visa.

  56. RJ says:

    hi po!!!
    i am currently working in china and planning to visit taiwan for some business, kaso lang pwede bang makakuha nang multiple entry and more than 30 days yung per entry nya???
    anong po yung mga kelangang requirements, pwede po ba makashare, tnx. in advance po….

  57. Ellie says:

    I want to ask ,my boyfriend is Taiwanese and this June we will vacation on June 2016,how much should I have in my bank account??

    • Jan says:

      Hi Ellie, I can’t really say how much money in the bank account you should have. It is also the same uncertainty I have when asked in relation to US or SK visas. What is important is that the docs match or support each other ( COE, ITR, bank account) and that they show that you have strong economic ties to the Philippines such that you there is no high likelihood that you will overstay without the requisite visa. Good luck in your application! Hope this helps.

  58. marie says:

    hi im planning to tour in taiwan this april i have coe, birth certificate , round trip ticket ,hotel destination and my approved leave from my company.Do i really need to provide financial information?

  59. jam says:

    Good day po!

    My boss has a company in HOng Kong but based in Cebu… one of the company in Taiwan invited her to attend the showcase of stringbike in Taipei… i just applied tourist visa/business this morning… and i just find out that it should be her filing for the visa and she will attached my name… will it still be possible for her to apply and attach me as her assistant she has american and schengen visas… but what if i will be denied tomorrow? Hoping for your reply…it will be a great help!

    Thank you

  60. Kath says:

    Hi Ms.Janis, I’m planning to visit Taipei on June 2016. I just wanna ask how much savings do I need for the bank Certificate? Enough na po ba ang may 40k+ for 4 days visits lang it advisable to buy a plane ticket first before applying for a visa? Thank you

    • Donna says:

      Hi, im planning to apply for a tourist visa this month or early May for my first week of June Taiwan visit, but my itenerary trip is manila-singapore-taiwan then Taiwan – Singapore – Manila is there be a problem on my visa if that will be my itenerary?
      Hope to hear from you and anyone soon. Thank you!

  61. Bea says:

    Hi I read in your comments that if I did not put my middle name in the travel certificate I will be denied entry, but can I redo my travel certificate when I was already issued one?

  62. Rosario says:

    Hi , im planning to go to Taiwan this June 2016, i am ready for to submit all docs needed but unfortunately my bank statement was issued last Jan. Do you think I need to request for a recent one? What month should i need to process my visa so it can be still valid, would it be ok if by march or April? Also, is there any more requirements if I am visiting and staying at my friend house? What is also much easier to gt a hotel directly there or book online if I will not stay to my friend’s house? Please help me.

  63. yhao says:

    hi ms jan, if were traveling may 22 what do you think is the best date to apply for taiwan visa. I`m worrying about the expiration of visa if we get earlyier than our travel date

    • Jan says:

      Hi Yhao. If you are getting the travel certificate, you can get it even on the date of your travel before you check in at the airport. If you are applying for visa, you can apply around last week of April to maybe the first week of May.

  64. Lui says:

    Hi Jan, I tried the online travel authorization cert for US visa holders etc.. The problem is I did not input my middle name. Are you sure that it is a required information in getting such. Will I get denied entry for this?

  65. pearl says:

    Hi. My nanny has a single entry Japan Visa that has not been used and not expired yet. Can we use that to get Travel authorizarion certificate?

  66. Maria Cruz says:

    Hi, is it okay for a representative to submit my visa application at the TECO? Or should I personally submit my requirements? THANK YOU!

    • Matet says:

      I used my used single entry Japan visa and the airline didn’t allow me to fly cox it’s considered as invalid

      • Jan says:

        Sad to hear that but the Japan visa itself is not enough. You need to get a travel cert online. And even that option is allowed only for those with valid visas. A used single entry visa to Japan is not valid unless it is part of a long flight and Japan is just a stopover. I think someone asked the same question before.

  67. Grace says:

    Hi, my daughter and I will go to Taiwan this March. I already filled up the online visa application and it is asking for a contact person in Taiwan. What if we don’t have a contact person there?

  68. Joy says:

    Hi! Me and my partner are ex Taiwan. We want to apply for tourist visa together with our 2 kids, 2 and 5 yrs old, together with my mother-in-law and my mom. Is ther any issue if two of ys are ex taiwan worker?
    He is just going home for vacation, working at qatar. While I am a stay home mom. Thanks. Hope to hear from you

    • Jan says:

      Hi Joy, I presume that you worked in Taiwan under valid working visas? I don’t think you will have an issue with your application for tourist visa.

  69. sherwin says:

    We just came back from Japan and we are going to Taiwan on Dec. 10 until Dec. 14, we already printed our Travel Authorization Certificate through our used single-entry Japan VISA. I read that once a single-entry VISA (expiration date is Jan 2016) has been used it is considered invalid already. My question is, are we still qualified to use the Travel Authorization Certificate to enter Taiwan even though our still unexpired single-entry Japan VISA has been used already?

    • Jan says:

      Hi Sherwin, unfortunately, you need to apply for a Taiwan visa. They only allow Travel Authorization Certificates for used single-entry visas before expiry where the entry into Taiwan is a continuing journey from the country where you got your visa (in your case, Japan).

  70. wirawan says:

    Hi, My departure will be on 27th November 2015 and will exit from taiwan to my country on 7th Dec 2015. My Travel Authorization Expire Date is 3rd December 2015. Should i got new Travel Authorization Certificate because the date exit is over than the expire date of Travel Authorization Certificate?

      • Ryan says:

        can we get the new travel certificate ?
        Im planning to stay in taiwan for 1.5 month, I have active Japanese visa now.
        At first Im planning to apply the travel certificate and exit from taiwan before 30 days and enter Taiwan again after that and apply the new travel certificate.
        What do you think?

  71. rona says:

    hi, im planning to tourist in taiwan. can i asking how to get a US visa? actually i am care taker in taiwan. i finish my contract here. and i want to apply tourist visa in taiwan to site seeing 1-10 days. can u give me details information.

    thank you and have a good day.

    • Jan says:

      Hi Rona. Do I get it correctly that you are asking for the process to apply for a US visa? Unfortunately, this post is just about getting a Taiwan visa, not US visa. However, even without a US visa, you can still go back to Taiwan as a tourist. The process is in my post.

  72. Nelly says:

    Hi, thanks for this guide. May I ask if it’s necessary to include the salary in the certificate of employment? I am travelling as a tourist only and I don’t know if the salary is required (HR is asking me this).

    Thanks in advance!

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for dropping by, Nelly. Yes, the COE should state you salary, i.e., can be your monthly salary or annual but it would be great if your HR can state the gross annual salary so that it will look like a big amount on the COE 🙂

  73. Sublessee says:

    Hi! Thank you for this post. Planning to use my valid Jap Visa for getting the travel certificate. And props for telling me about the Given Name. I’ve been writing my forms wrong for all these years!!! Hahaha buti na naman nagagrant ako ng visas.

    Anyway, did the airline accept your certificate? I’ll be flying through CebPac and I hope they know that this travel certificate is legit.

    • Jan says:

      Thanks for dropping by! Just to clarify, the rule about the Given Name that I posted is specific to the Taiwan visa requirements. Not sure if it applies to other visa applications. As regards the travel certificate, yes, airlines accept that. They know and are familiar with it.

  74. xiaoarma says:

    Hi! Thanks for the informative post! I too am planning strip to Taiwan soon. I’m wondering what kind of U.S. Visa you need to have in order to qualify for a travel authorization cert. I have a valid type B1/B2 visa. Would that be enough? I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  75. xiaoarma says:

    Hi! Thanks for the informative post. I too am planning a trip to Taiwan soon. I have a valid US B1/B2 (tourist) visa. Would that be enough for me to be granted a travel authorization certificate? I’m asking coz I’m not sure if they require a particular type of visa. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  76. melvy says:

    I am planning to visit my fiance in taiwan this coming december., i just want to ask if teco is very strict in granting tourist visa?

    • Jan says:

      Hi Melvy, as long as your documents are complete, then you won’t have any problem. If you have a US visa, you only need a travel certificate which you can get online.

  77. Chi says:

    Hi thanks for the info! Were planning a family trip to taiwan too and my father will be sponsoring the trip but he wont be coming with us, just mom and siblings. My sister and i dont have us visas yet, so upon submitting together, can our requirements be processed as one? Or do we have to get 2s of eveything like the bank statements etc.? Hope you can reply asap. 🙂

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