Blogging 101: My Blog’s Title and Tagline


For our second assignment in Blogging 101, we were asked to revisit our blog’s title and tagline.

Prior to my social media integration that I talked about in an earlier post, the title of this blog was “I Love. Therefore, I Cook.” It was something that I came up with when this blog was just all about my cooking adventures. And then my interests expanded and the title didn’t fit the contents of my blog anymore.

I retained the blog domain because I somehow managed to establish a connection with my readers and that I’ve been getting a decent amount of traffic for searches that hit on “janiscooking” and Seoul. So that I’m not just limited to cooking, I came up with a tagline that will give a picture of what this blog is all about: of kitchen love, culinary adventures, family travels and momhood bliss.

And there ya have it, a quick description of my blog’s title and tagline! 🙂


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