Taiwan Travel 2015 [Day 2] – Shengxing Station and Remains of Longteng Bridge


On the same day that we went to Chungshe Tourism Flower Market, particularly after our lunch there, we went to an old train station known as the Shengxing Station. The station was built entirely of wood in Japanese style. The old train signals remain as one of the many artifacts from the Japanese period of occupation.

However, the Shengxing Station is no longer operational in that the trains no longer stop there. It now stands as a popular tourist attraction and location for wedding photos. We spent a little less than an hour there to explore the place, take some photos, buy souvenirs, and try different flavors of ice cream pops.

More pictures below.









Close to Shengxing Station  is Longteng Bridge which was made only of bricks. Thus, it was not able to survive the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that shattered Taichung. What the government did was to rebuild the bridge but the 921 earthquake further destroyed the bridge in 1999 and left  it as it looks today. The Remains of Longteng Bridge is a memorial of the damage suffered by Taichung in two of the most lethal earthquakes that hit Taiwan.


Admittedly, there is nothing that you can do at the Remains of Longteng Bridge but just to take pictures of it. What we did was we just pulled over, hopped off the van, took pictures, and in less than 5 minutes, we’re off to the Flying Cow Ranch!

More of that and fun photos in my next post. Hang in there! Stay tuned 🙂


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