Taipei Travel 2015 [Day 3] – Shilin Night Market


We can’t let our first night in Taipei pass by without visiting Shilin Night Market. We already experienced Fengjia (Fengchia) Night Market  in Taichung, and Ximending itself buzzes with street food carts and stalls so you might be wondering why we were raring to go to Shilin then. I don’t know exactly where the excitement came from as I have already read that there are better night markets out there. But it must be because Shilin is the largest and the most famous of all night markets in Taiwan. True enough, Shilin didn’t fail us with the variety of street foods we sampled!

Word of caution: food porn after the jump 🙂 Some photos are mine and the rest are from my friend and travel companion, Romy. Enjoy!


Scallions wrapped in bacon then grilled to mouth-watering perfection


Stinky tofu. This really has a funky smell but tolerable. I didn’t try it but Romy said it is just the stinky smell that will make you fear it but taste-wise, it was ok.


Meat skewers


Fried small crabs


Crackers with filling


More tofu


Now this stall sells the best cheese potato ever!


There was a long line but it moves fast. So don’t back out if you see the long queue!


Tadah! This is superrr! Potatoes topped with awesome cheese, cream, corn, ham and bacon!


Fresh fruit juice stand. White bitter gourd with honey, they say, is refreshing.


My kind of juice, freshly squeezed oranges.


Giant grilled sausages! They taste like the ones I buy from a street food stall in Hong Kong.


Sugar coated fruits. These are cherry tomatoes which, by the way, taste sweet even without the coating! If there’s one thing I was surprised with myself during that trip, it was that I grew very fond of cherry tomatoes and passion fruit 🙂


Hard sugar coating over sweet, tangy, juicy strawberries. How can you go wrong with that?


Sugar cane juice stand


LOL. Can I skip describing that photo?


Grilled squid


More sausages


Fish and squid balls


Rice cakes


We also played arcade shooting and won a token 🙂

And that’s it for my Shilin Night Market food trip. Our escape to Jiufen Old Street, Shifen Old Street and Yehliu Geopark comes next. Til then!


4 thoughts on “Taipei Travel 2015 [Day 3] – Shilin Night Market

  1. Mariel says:

    Hi! I find your blog posts about your Taiwan trip very helpful. I do have a question though – is it hard to communicate with the vendors at Shilin Night Market? I’m Filipina too, btw. 🙂

    • Jan says:

      Thanks, Mariel. Glad that you find it helpful 🙂 most vendors speak limited English but don’t worry because you would be able to communicate with them should you be interested to buy anything

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