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My January 2018

It’s almost the end of February and here I am, going to talk about how my January went and flew by. Another late post, yikes!

To kick off the year, I unearthed my still usable but old undated planners. My relationship with planners is that I always update them at the start of the year but then I would lose the momentum and stop planning around April or May. I have collected Starbucks planners since they started issuing that around Christmas time but stopped in 2015 because it’s just a waste of money since I don’t get to fully utilize them. I spent thousands to get a Hobonichi planner for 2016 and a Passion Planner for 2017, but my story didn’t change.

Now for 2018, I just got a cheap journal from Miniso so that I won’t feel guilty about splurging on a planner when I have this tendency of not fully using it. Then I started using my old undated planners as notebook/organizers for my businesses.

Read more about how my January went by below.

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Goodbye, 2017. Hello, 2018!


Oh how I welcomed you with enthusiasm and hope, 2017. But you made it too challenging for me that I frequently found myself feeling lacking in so many respects, doubting, and making awkward attempts at getting back on track. I will probably get scolded for sounding like someone who doesn’t know how to count her blessings but nope. I am grateful for my blessings but I just needed to let any negativity off my chest first.

I just wanted to say, 2017, you threw so many failures and trials my way that I wanted you to end so quickly. But you also showered me with non-material blessings and taught me a lot of things. And if only for those, I am really thankful.

You blessed me, my family, and friends with good health and that is the best blessing I could ever wish for. Our home continued to be a warm environment for welcoming old friends and new ones. You allowed me to travel, open businesses, and connect with people who I can help and who are likewise helping me. You taught me that God is the greatest provider and that his timing is always perfect. I am, albeit slowly, learning to be patient. To be very, very patient. And in the process, I am learning to take things slowly, and to appreciate the little things that I didn’t seem to notice before. I am learning to pay attention to feelings and relationships, instead of just looking at time, output, and numbers. It’s been a hard year, but it has been my learning ground. Sincerely, I thank you, 2017.

And hello there, 2018! Please be kind. I have the same high hopes and dreams. Thank you for the chance to improve, to do more, to give more, to forgive, and for simply the chance to get it right. While I am a little scared to get heartbroken at times, I am so ready for you. Bring it on, 2018!

—— MY 2018 LIST —–

I am coming up again with my list of things to do in 2018 and I hope to be able to look back and find that I have accomplished most of them. I will also add to the list if there are some things that I hope to do as the days pass by.

  1. Have a journal or planner.¬† DONE. I’m using Passion Planner Classic.
  2. Exercise with hubby.
  3. Lose weight.
  4. Find a healthy diet that I can stick to for the year.
  5. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. In progress.
  6. Do my facial care regimen every day. In progress.
  7. Do not forget to take all vitamins every day.
  8. Enroll in a class, online or in a traditional setting.
  9. Finish at least 5 business books.
  10. Watch a movie shown on the year I was born.
  11. Launch my travel company. In progress.
  12. Launch the guesthouse with my friend. In progress.
  13. Launch an online business.
  14. Sell our condominium units.
  15. Travel with friends.
  16. Travel with family.
  17. Have a staycation at least once every quarter.
  18. Prepare a regular meal plan for my toddler.
  19. Have a household planner and stick to it.
  20. Manage our household finances and stick to it.
  21. Grow Tsuiteru.
  22. Grow Kerrimo.
  23. Grow Jan’s Kitchen.
  24. Paint another 60x120cm painting.
  25. Go to the beach.
  26. Visit at least 4 provinces this year.
  27. Watch a concert.
  28. Watch a play.
  29. Play with my son every day. In progress.
  30. Prepare my son’s lunchbox notes every day.
  31. Post a blog entry at least 3 times a week.
  32. Go back to Korea.
  33. Plan and host a party for my son. In progress.
  34. To teach again.
  35. Catch the last sunset of the year.

My 101 List for 2015


Happy New Year, friends!

I hope you had a great Christmas season and I wish that this New Year will bring you all your heart’s desires.

As for me, despite some struggles which consisted mostly of things that I worried heavily about this 2014, I am still thankful because I truly learned a lot from what I went through. Again, I am thankful for food on our table, roof above our heads, a job that gives me the opportunity to earn enough to support my needs and a few little pleasures, family and friends who love me for who I am, and most especially for my baby and husband who truly complete my life.

Every Christmas, my husband and I would exchange cards/letters through which we’re able to say what is in our hearts. His message this year struck a chord with me. Aside from the usual sweet messages, he said he wishes me more success in my work, happiness in my life, peace in my heart, and that he hopes to see me smile more often.

I was touched because these were exactly the things I have always been praying for (well, not exactly that part about work). It’s not that I am not happy nor at peace, it’s just that I easily worry about things and worrying consumes me. Thus, I decided to change this.

For 2015, I decided that I will worry less and choose to be happy. I thought I should come up with my own list of 101 things to help me on this. I am going to randomly write the list below and will also put this at the sidebar so that I can easily check my progress throughout the year.

My 101 List for 2015

  1. Attend Sunday Mass every week.
  2. Bake my son’s birthday cake.
  3. Accompany my son to his swimming class every Saturday.
  4. Enroll and bring my son to a new class.
  5. Spend quality time with my son everyday, i.e., full attention without cellphone.
  6. Lose weight.
  7. Exercise with hubby.
  8. Run my first marathon.
  9. Enroll in a language school.
  10. Travel to Taipei.
  11. Return to Seoul for Fall.
  12. Bring family to at least 3 resorts/beaches.
  13. Double my monthly savings.
  14. Play badminton or hit the gym at least 2x weekly.
  15. Put up a blog entry every week.
  16. Green smoothie every week.
  17. Make Sunday a “positive vibe only” day.
  18. Eat a fruit every day.
  19. Read 5 new books.
  20. Watch 3 documentaries.
  21. Watch 3 Pinoy movies.
  22. Watch 3 Korean movies.
  23. Watch a movie made on or before I was born.
  24. Watch a concert or theater show.
  25. Visit 3 museums/art galleries.
  26. Add at least 3 new artists’ albums to my playlist.
  27. Visit a new place in Metro Manila by riding the MRT/LRT.
  28. Watch the sun rise.
  29. Watch the sun set.
  30. Write a letter and mail it.
  31. Send greeting cards to my sister and nephew.
  32. Schedule regular Lafang Club adventures.
  33. Practice 10 songs with hubby.
  34. Join a yoga class.
  35. Foot spa and whole body massage at least 2x a month.
  36. Hair spa at least once a month.
  37. Send a care package abroad.
  38. Try glamping.
  39. New hairdo.
  40. Executive health check-up.
  41. Appointment with a dentist.
  42. Visit an orphanage.
  43. Visit a house for the elders.
  44. Feed a streetchild.
  45. Donate to a charity or for a cause.
  46. Design a bag.
  47. Design a shirt.
  48. Organize a huge party.
  49. Improve blog design.
  50. Get my own domain name.
  51. Print my favorite travel photos.
  52. Buy a new camera.
  53. Take my son to an outdoor photoshoot.
  54. Family photo at the studio.
  55. Bake at least 5 items from my baking books.
  56. Bake at least 3 new things.
  57. Cook at least 3 new things.
  58. Try a new food/ingredient.
  59. No white rice.
  60. No soda.
  61. 3 liters of water daily.
  62. Organize a concert for hubby’s band.
  63. Go on a picnic.
  64. Host brunch/lunch.
  65. Organize or go to a potluck party.
  66. Try at least 5 new cafes/bakeries.
  67. Try at least 5 new restaurants.
  68. Paint my second painting.
  69. Write my future cafe/restaurant’s business plan.
  70. Improve blog layout.
  71. Create my own blog’s logo.
  72. De-clutter.
  73. Redecorate the condo.
  74. Sew something for my son.
  75. Complete a Pinterest project.
  76. DIY my baby’s 2nd birthday party.
  77. Visit at least 3 places outside Metro Manila.
  78. Learn more about coffee.
  79. Watch a movie with hubby every Friday.
  80. Schedule a staycation every quarter.
  81. Wear a dress every Monday.
  82. Plan for my 2016 travels.
  83. Plan for our 10th wedding anniversary.
  84. Plan for hubby’s 40th birthday.
  85. Plan for my mother’s 60th birthday.
  86. Watch at least 3 new Koreanovelas.
  87. Post a gratitude message in FB/Twitter everyday.
  88. Post one picture in IG everyday.
  89. Drive again.
  90. Have a spa/salon date with my mom.
  91. Have a coffee date with my dad.
  92. Try something new with my hubby.
  93. Have a whole day “me” time.
  94. Give a homemade/handmade gift.
  95. Organize my personal files.
  96. Have a date with my son.
  97. Moisturize and sun block daily.
  98. Use facial mask at least 2x a week.
  99. Learn how to put on eye makeup.
  100. Give “conscious consumer” gifts for Christmas.
  101. Share my 101 list.