2018 Spring Specials Roundup


It’s Spring Time in South Korea! I can still remember my trip last year which was a little late for the spring festivals, but still very much within the season for which I luckily had the chance to catch the spring flowers in full bloom, especially the tulips in Everland.

Seoul is beautiful all year round, and that’s a given. But thanks to spring and its comfortingly cool weather, Seoul becomes a great place for couples, friends, and families, to experience the outdoors. It is also during spring when a wide array of festivals and events celebrating the season happen throughout the country.

I have carefully picked the best of the best spring specials from both Trazy and Klook. With these deals, you’ll be able to enjoy all the spring activities and attractions for less!

Just so you know, I am not selling these discounted travel deals. When you click on the links, you’ll get directed to the websites of Trazy or Klook, and if you purchase something, you are buying it from them directly. Remember that the main purpose of this post is to inform you of these great deals that you can take advantage of to fully experience the spring season in Korea. Buying is optional but when you do buy through my links, I earn a very small commission so just think of it as if you are giving a small token to your friend for giving recommendations that will make your travel a whole lot easier 🙂

Now, shall we?

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Heart and Seoul 2014 – Cherry Blossoms in Nami Island

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Even if I have already visited Nami Island in 2012, my second visit last April was nothing less spectacular or memorable. I had the time of my life being back there, seeing new things, and re-discovering the old ones with my hubby and baby. In fact, I made sure our family had a picture at the exact same spot I had one in 2012. And yes, we had to be in matchy-matchy attire!

For this post, I would just like to focus on the cherry blossoms because as I mentioned earlier, the theme of our travel to Seoul this year was Chasing The Cherry Blossoms. You can find cherry blossoms in a lot of places throughout Seoul during Spring. Some places may have more of them than the others but they will always be photogenic wherever you find them. We found some sporadically located throughout the city. We found some  in Gyeongbok palace and at the National Folk Museum. We also found a lot of them on the mountains on our way to Seoul from the Incheon airport.

But for me, what gave us the best view of the cherry blossoms was the trip to Nami Island or Petit France. Take note that it’s not Nami Island per se but the trip to the island and Petit France. Be sure to look out the window of the bus or car you’re riding and be prepared to be mesmerized by the scenery. Had we known that it’s gonna be that beautiful, we would’ve skipped the Yeouido trip and saved our soles instead.

And so without any further blab, enjoy the photos below!

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Heart and Seoul 2014 – Chasing Cherry Blossoms at Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival

yeouido cherry blossom festival

This is part of a series of posts under the category Heart and Seoul 2014.

We purposely chose to visit Seoul on the first week of April to chase the cherry blossoms. Thus, on our very first night in Seoul, despite having to endure lack of sleep, we didn’t waste time and headed to the Yeouido Cherry Blossoms Festival to witness the lighted cherry blossoms and catch some street performances too.

We thought that the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival (others call it the Cherry Blossoms Festival) is at the Yeouido Park. Thus, we alighted at the Yeouido subway station which was apparently a very long walk away from the exact site of the festival. The festival happens to be done in Yeouiseo-ro (Yunjung-no) which is close to the National Assembly.

So it was past 8pm and we were at the wrong place in Yeouido. We could have easily given up because there was an abundance of cherry blossoms in and around Seoul anyways. Yet, we chose to continue because after all, we went to Seoul to chase the cherry blossoms, right? Aja!

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