Seoulful Encounters [Busan/Seoul 2017] – Oryukdo Skywalk via Bus 27 from Busan Station


The highlight of my Busan trip was my visit to Oryukdo Island. I consider it as the best spot I have visited in Busan because it made me fully understand why a trip to see the ocean was worth all that hype. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy the other spots, but for me, personally, I was just drawn towards Oryukdo because the views there were amazing and it was not at all physically taxing to get there. Whereas it was tiresome to get good views in Taejongdae and that I’ve seen better beaches than Haeundae, on the other hand, Oryukdo was simply breathtaking.

My starting point for going to Oryukdo Island was Busan Station. I actually came from Gamcheon Culture Village in the morning and took a cab to get to Busan Station. In case you missed it in my previous post, the cab ride from Gamcheon Culture Village to Busan Station was about 4,800 won.

Below, I’ll be talking more about how to reach Oryukdo and as always, I’m going to end the post with a short video clip of my visit.

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