2018 Spring Specials Roundup


It’s Spring Time in South Korea! I can still remember my trip last year which was a little late for the spring festivals, but still very much within the season for which I luckily had the chance to catch the spring flowers in full bloom, especially the tulips in Everland.

Seoul is beautiful all year round, and that’s a given. But thanks to spring and its comfortingly cool weather, Seoul becomes a great place for couples, friends, and families, to experience the outdoors. It is also during spring when a wide array of festivals and events celebrating the season happen throughout the country.

I have carefully picked the best of the best spring specials from both Trazy and Klook. With these deals, you’ll be able to enjoy all the spring activities and attractions for less!

Just so you know, I am not selling these discounted travel deals. When you click on the links, you’ll get directed to the websites of Trazy or Klook, and if you purchase something, you are buying it from them directly. Remember that the main purpose of this post is to inform you of these great deals that you can take advantage of to fully experience the spring season in Korea. Buying is optional but when you do buy through my links, I earn a very small commission so just think of it as if you are giving a small token to your friend for giving recommendations that will make your travel a whole lot easier 🙂

Now, shall we?

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Foodstagrammin’ In Hong Kong


This post is all about food, food, food, and more food. In all of my trips to Hongkong, I always make it a point to try something new and revisit my old time favorites. I don’t necessarily follow popular recommendations because taste is universally personal and subjective but I do read and take note of some blogs and whenever I get interested, I go and give them a try, and sometimes, I even write about them too.

To name a few, I have written about Crystal Jade, City Super (Times Square and Harbour City), Sift Patisserie, and Honeymoon Dessert; Pasteleria Koi Kei, Wong Chi Kei, Yee Shun Milk Company, Kai Kee Street Food, Tree (at Horizon Plaza), and Sift Patisserie (again), Tai Cheong Bakery, Guang Dong Barbecue Restaurant, Food Republic, Charlie Brown Cafe, Green Islands Restaurant, and Bambu, Pasteleria Koi Kei and Wong Chi Kei in Macau.

In this post, you’ll notice that I went back to my favorite street food stall and barbecue restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. But you’ll also see new ones like a Michelin-star resto and a newly opened Austrian bakery. Let’s move on, shall we? 🙂

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Strawberry Picking At Kam Tin Country Club Hong Kong


I looked online for kid-friendly places in Hong Kong but I wanted something other than Disneyland Hong Kong or Ocean Park. I came across several options like Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park, the Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm, Noah’s Ark, and several places where kids can pick strawberries like Tai Tong Organic Farm, Mapopo Community Farm, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Rainbow Strawberry Farm, and Kam Tin Country Club. I wish we had more time to stay in Hong Kong but given that we’re there for one weekend only, I needed to choose just one. And I chose Kam Tin Country Club because based on my research, it looks like it is the easiest to reach by MTR.

Okay. I’ll be honest and say that we did reach Kam Sheung Road station just fine but once there, we had a little difficulty finding out how to reach the strawberry farm. The problem mostly was caused by language barrier. Locals could not understand where we’re going even if I showed them the website of Kam Tin Country Club. We encountered a group of Filipinos also going to Kam Tin Country Club and they told us to just get a taxi and tell the driver that we are going to the strawberry farm. We hailed several taxis but we were not accommodated.

It was by some stroke of luck that we saw a bus painted with a picture of the strawberry farm. I rushed to tell the driver that we are going to the strawberry farm and the driver loudly said “Yes, yes!” as he motioned for us to hop on board quickly. Hallelujah!

So THIS is how you can reach Kam Tin Country Club: Take the MTR and get off at Kam Sheung Road West Rail Station, Exit D. Outside the station is what appears to be a huge parking lot with bus stops from a distance. Find the bus stop of Bus No. 601 and wait there. It’s a green roof minibus with the strawberry farm painted on its body. The bus arrives at the Kam Sheung Road station every 10 minutes from 11:00 am: 8:00 pm daily. The bus will have several stops along the way but you’ll know that you are at Kam Tin Country Club because you’ll see a huge tarpaulin sign outside the park. This is the same bus that you’ll ride to go back to Kam Sheung Road station.

Scroll down to read more about our family adventure at Kam Tin Country Club.

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